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A Day In Union launched

Greg Mumm, co-founder and President of Day In Union Inc. today announced the launch of A Day In Union, a grass-roots movement to bring people together and celebrate everything we love about rugby.

“Rugby is a game like no other - it brings people from all over the world, people of all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds together. No matter whether you have played all your life or never at all, the rugby family welcomes anyone who shares its values and love for the game.”

It's time to celebrate everything we love about rugby in a national day for our game, A Day In Union.

Saturday 26 March, 2022 is a chance for people to come together and celebrate everything they love about rugby.” Mumm noted. “People can share their favourite rugby photo on social media, recount glory days with old team mates, reconnect with their club or school, wear their favourite rugby jersey for the day, or join in an event at their local rugby club. It doesn't matter how you celebrate, just join in, connect with people and have fun!”

Share your celebrations

Over the weekend of 26 March, 2022, rugby lovers are encouraged to take a photo and share their celebrations on social media using the hashtag #ADayInUnion

Noting the devastating impact Covid restrictions have had on communities around Australia, Mumm continues, “So many of our social connections have been lost over the past two years, it's time to rebuild connections and celebrate the good things. Rugby is renowned for welcoming everyone, so A Day In Union is a perfect chance for not only rugby lovers but anyone in the community looking for social connection to get involved.”

Grass-roots movement

A Day In Union is for everyone, it's a grass-roots movement, created by community rugby people, for everyone who loves rugby. A Day in Union is not affiliated with World Rugby, Rugby Australia or any rugby governing body or professional team.

Mumm concludes, “With so many fantastic physical, mental and social benefits to being involved with rugby, we felt it was time to rise above all the challenges and come together for a day in union and celebrate everything we love about this game. Join the movement!”

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