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#ADayInUnion 2023 launched celebrating friendship around the world through rugby

Greg Mumm, co-founder and President of #ADayInUnion, a grass-roots movement to celebrate everything we love about rugby, announced today that #ADayInUnion for 2023 will be celebrated on Saturday 25 March 2023, with a special emphasis on the international connections that rugby creates.

“Rugby is a game like no other - it brings people together from all over the world, people of all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds. No matter whether you have played all your life or never at all, the rugby family welcomes anyone who shares its values and love for the game.”

“#ADayInUnion is a chance to celebrate those connections, the wonderful values of rugby and everything we love about this game – on and off the field.”


The inaugural #ADayInUnion in March 2022 enjoyed the support of rugby clubs and schools across Australia including all Australian Super Rugby Clubs and rugby luminaries such as Michael Hooper, Grace Hamilton, John Eales, Alicia Lucas, Gordon Bray & Sir Peter Cosgrove.

#ADayInUnion enjoyed a reach of over 2.25 million on social media, an estimated 800k on State and National media coverage including major rugby broadcaster Stan Sport, as well as hundreds and hundreds of individual posts.

Commenting on the success of #ADayInUnion’s first year, Mumm said, “The stats were just mind-boggling, we were blown away by the reaction and the support the day received.”


#ADayInUnion 2023: time to celebrate the international connections that rugby creates

In 2023, #ADayInUnion sits between the Womens and Mens Rugby World Cups, so organizers are giving special emphasis to the international connections that rugby creates. This year rugby followers are encouraged to share their favourite international rugby moment, be it a test match, a tour or a rivalry with an old mate across the sea.

“I know some of the best times I had in rugby were on tour. Others have told me about watching a game of rugby played bare-foot in a Fijian village, or the hairs standing up on their neck as the Welsh crowd broke into song at Cardiff.”

“But rugby’s international connections are made at home as much as abroad – the people from all over the world you meet at training, on the field, or in a bar after a game. Some have even got married! We’d love to hear those stories and how rugby helped bind people together.”

#ADayInUnion is a time to celebrate any and everything we love about rugby. But if you’re looking for inspiration, why not pick your favourite international story or connection? Meeting a new mate from a far-away place at your local rugby club, going on tour, or being lucky enough to catch a game far from home. Whatever it is, share your love of rugby with #ADayInUnion on Saturday 25 March.

How to join in the celebrations of #ADayInUnion

On Saturday 25 March, 2023, rugby lovers are encouraged to share what they love about the game in a post to social media with the hashtag #ADayInUnion.

Clubs, schools and rugby organisations can use the day to reconnect with players past and present, supporters and their community, with more ideas at

#ADayInUnion is for everyone, it's a grass-roots movement, created by community rugby people, for everyone who loves rugby. #ADayInUnion is not affiliated with World Rugby, Rugby Australia or any rugby governing body or professional team.

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