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Get involved

Get involved
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You can celebrate A Day In Union anyway you wish!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Clubs and schools

Download the


Recreate the icon #ADayInUnion image with your players & supporters

Host an event for rugby lovers in your community

Hold an open day for
players past & present

Run a Come 'n Try day

Join the World's Biggest Scrum challenge

Reconnect to past players & supporters


Post your favourite rugby photo or story with the #ADayInUnion tag


Check out how other rugby lovers are celebrating the day by searching #ADayInUnion on your favourite social media platform


Join in a #ADayInUnion
event near you

Reconnect with your
old rugby mates and encourage them to share their rugby story using #ADayInUnion

Wear your favourite rugby jersey


Celebrate the values of
rugby and togetherness

Get behind your workforce
and celebrate

Fundraise for your local club
or school

Rugby theme for your business
or community group

Whatever you do, make it fun and don't forget to post your photos with the hashtag #ADayInUnion

Want to add your voice in support of #ADayInUnion?

In the lead up to this year's #ADayInUnion, share a #ADayInUnion tile on your social media channels

2024 ADIU 123 tile.png
2024 ADIU A day to celebrate tile.png
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